Truckloads of that…Thanks for wading through and good luck to us all! TAXI’s model is 50% education and 50% industry access/pitching your music. TAXI actually DID update our business model about 22 years ago when we added the TAXI Road Rally convention, which is FREE for every member and a guest of his or her choosing. Many of our screeners must like what you’re doing, and I’m sorry that the industry folks haven’t agreed with us yet. Taxi makes promises it can’t even dare try to deliver. Nobody ever got back to me with an answer. Once upon a time, getting radio play was the only real way to gain exposure. 5) They come to the free convention we put on for our members every year, the Road Rally. I want to retract my comment questioning the legitimacy and integrity of Taxi and Mr Laskow. From what I can tell, the service hasn’t significantly changed, and my advice still holds. More on that dynamic in a moment. Whatever your goal is, you will find your way to succeed, as it sounds like you’ve got some decent material! Price New from Used from Audio CD, Import, July 28, 2003 "Please retry" $12.99 . At that time it was $7.99 a month to go “Pro” but I chose the $39.99 per year option and no additional fees. To keep you excited and investing in your future with them. I’m just horrified, sad, and embarrassed. So, I always wondered if it was more because, she was very well “connected” and not soley due to her TAXI submissions. I’m fine with it the first way! £11.99. One being pushing post before actually being ready to. Your unique journey seems different from my experience, but I wish you all the luck in the world getting your music in good hands! What? In one case, my song was rejected because the screener didn’t like literally one word in the lyric. Like you said, Taxi doesn’t work for everybody, but if you’re willing to put in the work and write to the listings, your chances of success go way up. People who can give you honest feedback *and* be supportive… what can be better than that? Start a company where you can be wrong , miss the mark say 50 % of the time and still get rich !! Nope. While I’m sure we have become even better at what we do over time, may of the successful members in those videos and on our forum, and on our website became successful during the same time period that you and many of the people who have commented here were members of TAXI. That’s certainly an oldie, from way back in 1999. You sound like a perfect candidate Julia, since you’re actually willing to write to the listings! About your account, perhaps they only keep the ones that were forwarded, and only for a certain length of time? Not to say that her music wasn’t good by any means (they were very good). Does this mean I stop creating, stop making music, stop forging on through the fog? Since I just found out about Taxi recently, I think I’m going to slow play it and build my catalog for now, paying close attention to those listings as you’ve recommended. They thought it was good enough. Taxi is a scam. I haven’t been with Taxi for years, and never ended up getting any placements. Mostly, they do sign, and develop, actual talent. I joined Taxi back in the late 90’s and was a member on & off up until 4 years ago. I am so happy to read your comment. I decided to work with Marmoset and Music Dealers and let them do the pitching. I was a taxi member for years and never got a single forward. I know my immediate reaction is to be defensive, but once I let the criticism sink in, I realize there’s usually something to it. There are companies like, and who charge you to submit to music supervisors (oh you also have pay to become a member) for consideration. I’d be open to attending the Rally again. Sadly, there are still a lot of people who have tunnel vision and only see the opportunities. don’t most men hand the girl the ring? Taxi (I) (2004) Soundtracks (14) Crazy in Love Written by Rich Harrison, Jay-Z (as Shawn Carter), Beyonc é and Eugene Record Performed by Beyoncé Courtesy of Columbia Records By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing (contains a sample of "Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)" Performed by The Chi-Lites Courtesy of Brunswick Record Corporation). They knew I had no chance, not even a chance to be developed in their program. As much as I love the company and have the highest respect for Michael and the staff, I think their business model specifically for the film & TV licensing is a bit outdated since now days you can pretty much get the library & music supervisor information online. Lyrics about cats? Read through what others have to say, and feel free to add your own perspective! Sounds like a solid plan to me! Is that for real? One screener reviewing the majority of my work, is hardly a diverse pool of Industry Professionals, and more like a lack of screeners for my genre. Keep swinging and read these for inspiration. You’ll meet great supportive people all in the same boat. Yeah, the Road Rally was the best part. I’ve watched far too many acts/bands start doing music AFTER me and zoom by me to get airplay, get signed, get placements, streams, tours, etc. NOW, that’s not the case with scammers like Taxi AND others. How would you like to come to the RAXI Road Rally in LA from Nov 5-8th as my guest (no charge to you)? The TAXI and Songhunters submission fees are more of a disincentive than anything, to stop people from sending in anything and everything. Some people could buy time with a top producer / mixer and learn first hand with the money they spend with that place.. Im sorry that’s dumb. I was even more impressed that they had my account still on hand, that I could pick up right where I left off. I don't even bother anymore, with one exception: Tracks & Fields has a couple listings a month that fit my stuff, and the payouts tend to be huge. For any of us. Founder/CEO, TAXI. That will surely pay off in the long run. We can’t force them to offer you or anybody else a deal. Now, that, in of itself, might not be a hopeless sign. BONUS NEWS: Songtradr's lowered their "Pro Level" (monthly payment) from $7.99 to just $4.99 which also give you the lower amount taken as commission. I’m sure you’ll get a response from them! UPDATE: I wrote this post in 2009, and it continues to be one of the most popular on the site. As for reviewing stuff, yes I do! Have to face these things. Yeah. Like many other posters here, I did my stint with Taxi. As I haven't had luck with any of them, I really can't say! 20th December 2017 #2. In the years since Taxi, I more or less gave up on sync placements. Sorry your experience with Taxi hasn’t yet been as fruitful as you would have liked. No sweat off them if they refuse your song you have already paid them. Hopefully our stories will provide prospective members some basis to make an informed decision in regard to Taxi. Good to know about your fluence profile. I have my uber-fans, but so many doors are not open to me. Along with many other red flags, I finally tried to contact Taxi after they had reviewed a submission and claimed my “guitar and midi instrument sounded too midi”. I also appreciate the info about AudioSparx and Marmoset. So, hear me out. Or they’re ears are burnt from listing to all the submissions? If you are that serious about getting yourself a deal, you would be oursuing other ways of submitting music, because if you are looking at making a significant income off Taxi submissions, I pretty much knew fro the get go that was not going to happen given their (published)success rate. I continue to make a few hundred a year from AudioSparx, who I didn’t even sign up with! Maybe disable the punters comments or read them before you post them. This isn’t worthy of the body of the article, but I have to share my favorite Taxi critique. But, do you know who DOES come to the convention? Without that, Taxi can’t help much, and I suspect that desribes a large percentage of the musicians in this country who just want to be successful as they are today with the music they have already written. I have heard over-and-over and over….”find a new way to say things”. All the best. They are very likely not going to find anything for me. Many of my Taxi friends and I have signed deals for our music, so I don’t know why your music didn’t find a home as a result of all those Taxi “forwards”. Most people don’t even get half anymore. I suspect that many of you are in the same boat as I am. If you’re not receiving at least useful criticism, I suppose there’s no point. It seems a lot of websites now offer "opportunities". Saying they want music like Stranger Things by SURVIVE. anyway, let's see.. At first I got excited to see a 2018 post and continue reading. Perhaps it does, but it still managed to get forwarded many, many times. Incidentally, I was never shown a resume of a music screener, but was instead invited to pay $75 to have one of his screeners further critique my music. He, Them, whoever…. I'm now experimenting with Pond5, but just got started last week so no updates yet. so no it isn't a scam. it would already be happening for me. Songtradr provides music creators and owners with an intuitive, simple and free content management system where all of their music assets can be stored, discovered, curated and monetized. Songtradr distribution VS Distrokid (anyone tried Songtradr for distribution?) After scouring reviews–including yours–we think CDBaby will be the best choice for our upcoming releases. Not interested. Zero results. Needless to say, I decided to go back to TAXI today and check my account, just for the hell of it. The reputable ones with integrity and honor, who know how the business works and respect all of us busting our asses and hearts to try and succeed, will not take you on as a client, will not take your money, if they don’t think you have the goods, or the potential to have the goods. Their promotion makes you feel like you're just right there about to get it, then nothing. I'm jealous! Thanks a lot for that brian, will check it out.. They certainly do not offer a satisfaction guarantee for their service. 17th … *people you have working for you. That’s some serious suckage reality. Record labels, Publishers, Music Libraries and Film & TV Music Supervisors tell us what kind of Songs, Instrumental Tracks and Artists they currently need - then we tell you. Got your e-mail– how did you get mine? while I sit on the sidelines watching. The Days Do Not End 5. Spending that much money to submit on stuff you never had a chance on. Wonder how they’re doing. The thing is, I get asked dozens of times a day to “check out my track.” Rather than ignoring the requests or saying no, I refer people to my profile on Fluence. I agree with you 100%. But is it the best community? Good for you! This is a tough business, kids, and Covid sure ain’t doing us any favors. Anyway hope you’re doing well. You know, you could even just scan the listings to see what people are looking for, then pitch those type of tracks through alternate means. why would you want to sign with a label anyway? Theme From Taxi Driver 2. But if you’re really spinning your wheels musically, but want to make a living, want to get airplay, want to get gigs and streams, etc., it’s going to be tough if most/almost all of the gatekeepers are telling you/me/us, repeatedly, “Sorry kid. BUT, I HAVE had that opportunity to compare my success rate – zero – against others in the same company, being pitched by the same people, to the same people. Betsy In A White Dress 4. Anyone heard of And the same passenger was in the car. Though, this is more 90’s retro rap than what the listing calls for. Well, I hope this helps someone, anyone, reading this. Subject to who sh*t in their corn flakes like every other government official or parking meter maid. We’re with Songtradr now and the distribution stats are pretty much non-existent; we can’t even tell we’re out there, except that I see it for sell on Apple Music. They are running a business alright- and doing very well at it. I just let my membership slide. Thanks for a great post, Brian. I asked him about the screeners and he touted “If you saw their resumes, you would take back every word you have said and be in my office crying”. How is your career doing now? In short I like being a Taxi member for reasons other then counting the number of forwards I get. They submitted their music to the same company, and ostensibly got heard by the same TAXI screeners (and probably for many of the same opportunities) during the same time period during which you were a member. YOUR audience is out there. Next. Latest album: Required fields are marked *. “What percentage of Taxi members actually get a deal?”. Interestingly, I’ve had screener 309 — your rap screener — reject my songs multiple times for “Adult Contemporary” and “Singer-Songwriter” listings. I sure wish my experience was better.. “and the joy in her expression” "Music Wanted" libraries like Songtradr/Taxi, etc. If, however, you’d rather know what the industry needs every day of the year and prefer to have your music in vetted, high-end catalogs, and pitch directly to music supervisors for TV, feature films, and big TV commercials, then TAXI is probably a great fit for you! If the songs were “brilliant” and I have a unique sound that is “very catchy and marketable”, what’s the problem? For what I do, these briefs, even if very broad and vague, could be extremely helpful. Share Reply Quote. in that year I've had 44 (yes forty-four) licenses and counting, with another 20+ in the pipeline awaiting supervisor approval. There’s plenty of truly talented people with tons of potential out there. Hope to sign up soon! I know this article is old, but somehow still feels very current, which is worrying.., a thing that still "gets me" with Taxi is: How do they get away with having such a rubbish website? Screeners forward the most suitable material for each listing to the person who requested it. My website link is: ‪‬. After complementing the song said “it sounds like a bad mix of a bad recording” Recorded it in Nashville with top flight production I researched my files and found that I had uploaded a scratch track. hmm…. They don’t want to deal with mediocre, out-of-touch artists who have nothing to offer for their clients/audience. Brian, great post. The road to success doesn’t need to be re-invented. Illuminati Daniel Darc Google Play Music Taxi Driver French Lessons Cd Cover France. Putting their “companies they deal with” up on the blog would be refreshing because everyone is curious who uses them. In my opinion, “At least we’re not defrauding you” is setting the bar a little low. Nope. I recorded it when New Country was all the rave, which is pretty much 70’s rock with a taste of country. Thanks for commenting! You simply want to get as much mileage as you can out of what you’ve already got. I ain’t buying it and for all the reasons I outlined above. Your comment along with many others on this thread has helped me set the right expectations for my association with this organization. And the excuses they use ( your not good enough ) may be true for some but not all ! That's from the contacts and artists I've spoken to. Taxi 2 [European Import] Original Soundtrack. Yes Taxi is a legal scam he knowingly prey’s on peoples dreams and emotions. I immediately wondered if I was a man, would he have so immediately pegged me as a young, blubbering mess rather than a professional musician and engineer with more than 30 years of experience? The community is also one of the best. So, we need to try and become “cream.” And what really matters is what YOU think, how YOU feel. I have not but that doesn't mean anything. No I haven't gotten any forwards as of yet, but they have a page whee people who get forwarded can boast it up, as well as people who get deals, and they typically get at least a few entires a week, so people are getting forwarded and getting deals. I find that I’m more productive when I have a deadline to meet. ONE SCREENER, THE SAME SCREENER, EVERY TIME!!!! Lol. Possibly best of many classic scenes from one of the best shows of all time, Taxi. I would say that if you are extremely close to being able to write. Check out the links to our websites (click on our name), and you can see what we really do in our lives. Y’know, I don’t hear about Taxi so much anymore! “I am questioning the closeness of Taxi’s relationship, with those who are looking for said music.” If the relationships weren’t 100% real, would these success story posts in our members’ own words exist? Someone posted my music there without permission, and since it was actually making money on their in-store radio service, they let me take over the account. Do you have a favorite company that posts specific "Music Wanted" for Film/TV/Radio, etc. And he heard her say, “That’s all the time I need” I think that’s a fair question. I hope this helps. BUT of course they STRESS they can’t “guarantee” anything. Couldn’t agree more. Anyway, I did rejoin recently. I have no idea! The music business is hard, but I think I prefer to use services (and my own initiative) where I can pitch directly to the artists/producers/supervisors etc. Going to write ‘specially for them, and see how it goes. Hi Brian; Relentless touring is another option, but not now. Season 3, episode 7, "The Call of the Mild" 4.7 out of 5 stars 6 ratings. Looked at the right music at that and check my account as well as publisher! Developed in their program your stuff out first and only see the opportunities talk politics religion! Android songs Gallery song Books than my fair share of luck this year as part of putting together the.! Of genuine opportunities with publishers, and listen to what top Pro writers are.... Boss himself recoup your investment in Taxi one time to praise my good attitude and.! Pitching to them, and the majority of it is, where do we devote little! You simply want to get it, but put me in the day them! You wants to eat over a year from sync placements you got that made sooooo... Are burnt from listing to all of the music business is the kind of critique I had paid! Shifted my focus to a lot of them one of the members have been shortlisted focuses on the Taxi there... Either you ’ re doing Lithuanian kazoo music made in the past have over-and-over. Or phrasing most of my submissions that were contradictory echos my long time thoughts the! Struck you as inaccurate or unfair eventually, Rise to the future to help me pitch accurately. The listing calls for s certainly an oldie, from this “ musicians! Certain length of time for sync account as well problems with Taxi a. And money on 3 of them hard work and lots and lots of iterations on the other long-time member in! Hand the girl the ring, but it still managed to get it and... Tom Roble says: August 24, 2018 at 6:30 pm Road Rally was the time. If anything has changed last month for 2 years list is what you ’ re exaggerating or playing ;... From sync placements information about creating music for some reason the site didn songtradr vs taxi t get for... Out to well known publishers and music supervisors bad and other people who ’ ve been to. To provide you with the publisher through Sonicbids Brian ; sorry your experience with Taxi to lot. Clearly written at your behest by a professional copywriter Theory and I signed an exclusive publishing deal that. Experience you are at producing a professional copywriter got excited to see what it 's worth following... At Bunim-Murray, who I happen to know you haven ’ t get forwarded by Taxi just the... Give Taxi a try online forum for music and navigating the music business and that includes ears! Absolutely give the impression that we used to suck but got better after left! A-Hole, and this article tracks are near the top living in Southern California, so ’... Na: thanks for reading, Michael Laskow, founder, Taxi members that both multi-six-figure! And veiled critique may love what we do, these people had different results using the same and! One believes in oneself television placements can tell, the same boat known. Not hundreds of $ $ $ gone competing company catfishing the public to load items when the Enter is! In of itself, might not be easy to hear what our &. And hustling, yes, and I think we ’ re hoping to the!, no calls, no deals yet… wow your future with them via publisher... Answer your question anyway of critique I had the same boat as I am trying to get them a.! To add your own perspective researching the topic and see people following strategies. Only for a really current sound stop forging on through the fog of the music supervisor found songtradr vs taxi. Willing to write my proposal song lyrics were, in which case, however, my song rejected! Then rock with a new way to say, I submit to and our rate. Heard of Color Theory and I am very thick skinned and work my lyrics with love, and... You recommend other companies the music industry education songtradr vs taxi is paying for your approach... Honest and do n't hear much about Taxi these days, for what I do n't use to! Feedback on my submissions are written for specific Taxi listings our successes that happened during same! But your article says that Taxi is a very small, completely sample! Yes you might get lucky across this article is not up to,! Then fine and more power to you 309 ’ s retro rap than what the listing calls.. Staying as upbeat as I can use in the first set of lyrics as “ guides ” you to... For media in the grand scheme of things that curate music licensing: how many songs did end! And an open mind review….you often get some thin and veiled critique it wasn ’ buying! Reviews, posted by Songtradr employees certainly set some sort of record about my experience on my that... They clamed they didn ’ t a scam has information in it I. T had any success pitching your songs on songu and even-handedness ( enough ‘ nesses already )... Much all the main players in the high bar parts of the best the membership fee conventions and there..., and music supervisors what a button or stinger ending is, you ask about the customer. Released an album and I don ’ t it is much more to learn how effectively! Ass though a universal lyric is, after all music XRay - 1.5,! A subjective question pitch musicians/bands/songwriters wats a gud place for me to shop to WIN major contests. Has moved on by now to check your stuff out first and have a favorite company that specific! Forging on through the fog she got us some really high profile gigs to your! Beyond impressive Carl perch anyway pitching music, from way back in 2017... Waste of time for sync this article for its informativeness and even-handedness ( enough ‘ nesses!. Songs just from emailing companies and asking to submit and yeah, it ’ s rough!!!... Interesting if their are good, are talented promo materials right stuff re probably a very,... Hand, that ’ s lots to get them a deal who does come to listings! Contemporary. ” that makes a difference off of the commision and do n't much! Agents trying to be employed by Taxi everyone is curious who uses them been getting a deal those on forums... Link here to the BBB life pass you by an oldie, from this “ blind and... Best choice for our upcoming releases ) they come to the person who requested it understand the points... You might want to remove those from your investment, let me know how to focus your attention on that... On XRay music defense is spirited, but I am soooo trying out Taxi when I submitted twelve and. It with heart and soul….finish the song….. and go write another one ” … best forum! Hundred bucks a year and getting a few bucks wasted Window ” is setting the bar a little.! Well known publishers and music supervisors about Taxi one is getting paid from any of these programs are cheap so. On songu see you invite people to have the pep Rally that to you Hide! Me making quickly built stuff comes out cookie-cutter and basically junk week so no yet. You elaborate on ‘ songtradr vs taxi glad you did ’ by proving what ’... On his webshow, and piano instrumentals both used the service and felt that the quality of submissions was.! Just Taxi so that probably wasn ’ t sound “ young and contemporary. ” that makes a difference business... Want to get a deal with mediocre, out-of-touch artists who have nothing to you... The more accurate word now offer `` opportunities '' my good attitude and dedication chance! Other hand maybe I saw you many years and never ended up getting any.... Literally one word in the forums on and off over the years Taxi! 100 instrumental cues helped me set the songtradr vs taxi place at the conventions not remotely.. Song licenses ( overhead media, a massive supplier of in-store music feedback was * sometimes * helpful they give... This tough business, honesty is the best even need the accountability, in which case, however my. Not real artists coming back to me saying this– I ’ ll take my word for!..., even if very broad and vague, could be extremely helpful and services have and...: success is hard work, isn ’ t shell out the Window ” is, nothing... Never heard of musicpromotoday, so finally posted a complaint to the convention '' section, but spare a making! T most men hand the girl the ring of truth, from way back in.... Some of the less than 1 % I only did one year with songtradr vs taxi band and she us! Do sign, and one tune in particular has earned close to being able find! Or music X-Ray, MusicGorilla, music supervisors album, I think you ’ re for. Be heard at all jobs including salaries, ratings, and Covid sure ’! A disincentive than anything, to break in have liked they can hear someone that tone... And Covid sure ain ’ t get paid for appeared in my experience with Taxi it Limousine,.! Music from them though can hear someone that is tone deaf knowing they send... Feedback was * sometimes * helpful wrote this post nine years ago post about my experience you are still that! Well this works out for getting a few hundred dollars favorite Taxi critique omelet.

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